Invest In Active Transportation Infastructure

NEEDED: Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, to clarify driver & pedestrian responsibilities to ensure Pedestrian Safety. There is a shared responsibility between pedestrians and motorists. 1. Expand Definition of Pedestrian 11-2020: According to the Yukon Department of Motor Vehicles, pedestrian as someone who is walking on a sidewalk. This is a FALSE statement, a pedestrian is also a person who is using a conveyance such as a skateboard, roller skates or scooter on the roadway (example-legal bike lane). The current active transportation infrastructure is NOT safe. Yukon Health Officials are telling all Yukon residents to get out and be active, the day I followed this advise nearly resulted in my death. 2. Mandatory Separate and Protected Bikes Lanes Taking this action is the strongest indicator of lower fatality and injury rates. While the safety benefits of painted bike lanes are questionable, there is a lot of positive research and feedback on physically protected bike lanes, including the following: a) 96% of people using protected bike lanes believe they increased safety on the street b) 80% of people who live near a protected bike lane project believe it increased safety on the street c) Streets with protected bike lanes saw 90% fewer injuries per/km than those with no bike infrastructure 3. Lower Neighbourhood Speed Limit Posted speed limit at Accident Location : 70km/hr, approaching crosswalk & bus Stop @Copper Ridge- Hamilton Blvd & Bigway. No push button traffic signal installed at this crosswalk- NOT SAFE!!!! Statistics show that when the speed limit is lowered pedestrians have a better chance of surviving a crash. a) Scientific Fact | 30km/hr : Research in traffic safety confirms that collisions between pedestrians (or bicyclists) and automobiles are less fatal at lower speeds. In effect, most pedestrians will survive if hit by a car travelling at 30 km/hr. b) Scientific Fact | 50 km/hr : Pedestrians face an 80 per cent risk of being killed in a collision.