Budget must tackle inequality, set new course on environmental stewardship

Yukon NDP MLAs highlight critical issues for Yukoners ahead of Legislative sitting 

Yukon NDP MLAs Liz Hanson and Kate White have called on the government to take action to address growing inequality and make environmental sustainability a priority as the Spring 2017 Legislative siting draws near.

With Yukon’s economy still struggling to recover, Whitehorse Centre MLA Liz Hanson pointed to Yukon’s continued lack of affordable housing and a $11.32 minimum wage as evidence of Yukon’s affordability problem.

“So many Yukoners are getting left behind. You can see it at the food bank every day. Seniors, students, even folks with a full-time job just can’t make ends meet. You can’t expect people to live on a $11.32 minimum wage. Making life more affordable for ordinary Yukoners has to be on the top of this government’s agenda”, said Hanson.

The Yukon NDP will also be looking for a strong signal from the new government that it is changing course on environmental stewardship. As Takhini-Kopper King MLA Kate White points out, years of neglect by previous governments makes it clear where immediate government action is needed.

“We’re the only jurisdiction without an Species at Risk Act. We don’t have Greenhouse gas emission targets. There are still no sensitive areas protected from ORVs. And we have no waste reduction targets. There are years of neglect to make up for. This government promised a new direction. Yukoners are expecting some action and so are we”, said White.

Hanson also commented on the Yukon NDP’s approach for the upcoming sitting of the legislature. “We are here to work with the government to bring the change that Yukoners want. We’ll be the first ones to applaud when they are making life better for Yukoners. We will continue to put forward practical solutions and we will make sure this government lives up to its campaign promises.”