Happy Canada Day! from Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson

On behalf of the Yukon NDP caucus, I would like to join all Canadians in celebrating Canada Day by not only paying tribute to our country, but to the values and the people that have driven its progress.

By caring for others, working together and committing to shared prosperity, we have made important strides towards a fairer and more equal Canada. And when we recognize the important balance between environmental stewardship and economic development, we can ensure that that prosperity is sustainable for future generations.

Thanks to the hard work of Canadians in communities across our country, our Canadian identity includes a strong public healthcare system, marriage equality and a recently renewed commitment to reconciliation with Canada’s First Nations. These beacons of progress define Canada’s communities, allow us to reflect on our past, and help us commit to a progressive future.

Both in Yukon and across the country, we have always been able to draw on our belief in the collective strength of the community, in good and bad times, to offer a helping hand to those in need. By drawing on what unites and inspires us rather than allowing others to divide us, we can continue to build the Canada of our dreams.

May we be one step closer to that Canada on July 1st, 2016.