Child benefit claw back climb-down good news for Yukon families

Yukon NDP Official Opposition Health and Social Services Critic Jan Stick is pleased for Yukon families that the government confirmed today it will not take any of the incoming Canada Child Benefit from social assistance recipients. Since April, Stick has been questioning the territorial government on whether it would claw back a share of the tax-free federal measure, which is set to replace the taxable Universal Child Care Benefit on July 1st.

“The Canada Child Benefit is a progressive measure that is intended to lift families and children out of poverty,” said Stick. “Yukon families on social assistance can breathe easier knowing that the territory won’t touch their federal child benefit.”

Stick and the Yukon NDP caucus believe that federal child benefits should not be treated as income when assessing access to territorial programs. The Yukon Party government still needs to clarify how the Canada Child Benefit will impact families receiving the Yukon Child Care Subsidy, or families living in social housing, both of which are income-tested territorial programs.