Reality check: drilling for the truth in the Yukon Party government's Beaufort Sea priorities

This weekend, Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski responded to the United States Government’s awarding of drilling leases in the Beaufort Sea, an area on Yukon’s North Slope with a long-standing Canada-U.S. border dispute:

At this point there isn't an appetite for such drilling offshore and for the Americans to be putting leases in what we feel is Canadian jurisdiction, at a time when there's still so much uncertainty around the safety of offshore drilling, this is a real issue.

However, the Yukon Party’s 2011 election platform tells another story about their priorities in the Beaufort Sea (it’s also included, word-for-word, in their 2006 platform):

Work with the Governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories to resolve the outstanding offshore jurisdictional boundary issues between the NWT and Yukon including the right of the Government of Yukon to share the government revenues derived from oil and gas development in what should be recognized as the Yukon’s portion of the Beaufort Sea.

The Yukon Party government spent the weekend telling Yukoners that “there’s still so much uncertainty around the safety of offshore drilling”… but their last two election platforms focused on how much they support that same drilling.

So why is the premier singing a different tune? Could it be that the Yukon Party government has finally seen the light when it comes to the hazards of non-conventional oil and gas development like offshore drilling and fracking?

We sure hope so. It’s time for a green economy that works for Yukon.