Fracking document spill shows Yukon Party isn't taking committee findings seriously

The unplanned public release of government briefing documents on developing a Yukon fracking industry has revealed a selective interpretation of the Yukon Legislative Assembly fracking committee’s final report -- and a government that is ready to throw the public service under the bus rather than admitting to Yukoners where it stands on a critical political issue.

"It’s deeply disappointing that the Yukon government is quietly planning to bring fracking to Yukon just weeks after an all-party committee tabled a report reflecting serious concerns about fracking, both from the scientific community and from the Yukon public," said Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson. "The government has no place to be cherry-picking what it likes from the report to suit its political agenda."

Once the documents were leaked, the Yukon government wasted no time muddying the waters through a release published over the weekend by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.

"Cabinet provides direction on major government policy like exploring fracking. No one seriously believes that the Yukon government had no role in giving EMR the policy bearing that anchors these documents," added Hanson. "The Yukon government needs to own up to the fact that they have been caught trying to implement their controversial pro-fracking agenda in the face of a damning report by the fracking committee."

"People know where the Yukon NDP stands on fracking. Yukoners can count on us to lay our cards on the table and have an honest discussion about complex political issues like fracking. Can they say the same about the Yukon government?"


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Photo: sfupamr / flickr. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.