NDP Motion To Protect Sensitive Areas from ORVs Wins Support in Legislature

Yukon NDP MLA Kate White’s motion to protect sensitive ecological areas from off-road vehicle (ORV) use passed in the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

The motion, which saw support from both the Yukon NDP and Liberal caucus urges the Government of Yukon to take the steps necessary to protect Yukon’s environment from ORV use before the end of their current mandate.

“Yesterday was the most movement that we have seen when it comes to protecting sensitive ecological areas from ORVs since 2011” said Kate White, “This has been an issue I have been pushing for ever since I was elected back in 2011, so to see the Government commit to taking action backed up by a timeline is encouraging”.

Currently, the Government has the ability under the Territorial Lands Act to protect areas of the Yukon from unencumbered ORV use, but the Government of Yukon has yet to act on that legislation. The Government of Yukon is currently conducting consultation on how best to regulate off-road vehicle usage.

“This is an issue that has been debated in the Yukon since 1981, but we wouldn’t be here without the hard work of many Yukoners and Trails Only Yukon Association (TOYA),” said Kate White. “I and many others am looking forward to finally seeing some action”.

You can read Kate White’s speech here (page 3852):


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