Read MLA Liz Hanson's Mandate Letter from Yukon NDP Leader Kate White

Dear Colleague,

As we enter the Fall Sitting of the Third Session of the 34th Legislative Assembly we must redouble our efforts to hold this Government to account and champion ideas and policies that will make the lives of Yukoners better.

Throughout your time as the representative for Whitehorse Centre you have worked hard to uphold the values of the Yukon NDP. 

In particular, I will expect you to work with your colleagues in the Legislative Assembly to deliver on the following priorities:

Continuing to advocate for immediate, bold and measurable action on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change by calling for the declaration of a climate emergency, advocating for the elimination of the oil and gas branch and creating a renewable energy branch focused on implementing renewable energy alternatives for Yukon, increasing our focus on Canadian and Yukon commitments to eliminate oil and gas subsidies and pushing for more renewable energy alternatives for Yukoners.

Standing up for Yukoners who need it the most and are struggling in an increasingly unaffordable Yukon by pushing for a fifteen-dollar minimum wage, championing food security initiatives and calling for further investments in rental market housing.

Pressing for improvements to Yukon’s Health and Social Services pending the outcome of the ongoing health review to better support Yukoners by pushing for expanded homecare services, advocating for NGOs who provide excellent services when our Government cannot and continuing to call for quality Yukonwide affordable daycare.

In addition, I mandate you follow the work of the Mineral Development Strategy Independent Panel and advocate for the modernization of Yukon’s Resource Legislation throughout the process.


Kate White – Leader Yukon NDP

MLA Takhini-Kopper King