Rojas Martinez family's imminent deportation 'a human tragedy'

There was barely a dry eye at the Whitehorse airport this morning as a crowd of the Rojas Martinez family’s supporters saw off father Sergio and his eldest son, who boarded a flight to Vancouver. The family faces deportation to Mexico as early as March 4th due to a federal deportation order. Sergio’s wife Linda remains, for now, in Whitehorse with their son Jonathan: a three-year-old Canadian citizen who requires specialized health care due to a skull defect that he likely will not receive if the deportation order is implemented.

"The Rojas Martinez family’s story is a human tragedy," said Yukon NDP MLA Jan Stick, who was at the airport alongside Yukon NDP leader Liz Hanson to show her support for her constituents. "On one hand, a family is at risk of being torn apart. People have told them they could leave Jonathan behind as a ward of the state so he could continue to receive the health care he’s entitled to as a Canadian citizen. On the other hand, if they stay united and leave the country, he won’t get the necessary specialized care he needs."

The Yukon NDP caucus is calling on the federal government to do what it can to help the Rojas Martinez family, who has lived in Whitehorse for several years. As noted in a petition being circulated through the community by the caucus, the government is being called on to rescind the order calling for the family’s deportation -- and to review their permanent residency application to keep the family together in Canada while preserving Jonathan’s right as a Canadian to accessible and high-quality medical care.

"The Government of Canada is putting this family in a cruel situation," added Stick. "Jonathan is a Canadian citizen. Will he either be deprived of the health care he needs, or of his family?"

"That’s a choice no family should ever have to make."


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