Should Takhini Haven be located inside the jail's fences?

This week I once again raised my concerns in the Yukon legislature over housing adults with cognitive disabilities in a group home at Whitehorse Correctional Centre.

The group home is located in the what was once the Women’s Annex, before the new jail was built.

From the start, I have argued that this is not an appropriate location for any type of residential care for individuals who have no connection with the jail. Community living is about living in a neighbourhood, having neighbours, a front yard, and a home. There are many neighbourhoods in Whitehorse where individuals with mental disabilities live and participate in community life. Why is this particular situation allowed to continue? I  am repeatedly told that it is a lovely place to live with great staff. I agree that the staff are great… but is it a good place to live? Would we place seniors there?

What do you think of individuals with mental disabilities living in a 'group home' at the jail?