"Show us the evidence": Yukon NDP challenges Yukon Party to reveal carbon pricing research

The Yukon NDP caucus is calling on the Yukon Party government to stop playing politics on carbon pricing until it reveals the research it has done regarding its impacts on Yukon’s public and private sectors. Documents obtained by the Yukon NDP through Yukon’s access to information law prove that the Yukon Party government was quietly discussing the financial consequences of carbon neutrality as early as 2008 and as recently as February 2016 – a direct contradiction to Premier Darrell Pasloski’s claims that his government is not working on a plan to implement a carbon tax.

“Darrell Pasloski and the Yukon Party government are being dishonest to Yukoners when they denounce a federally-imposed price on carbon while hiding what they know about it from the public,” said Yukon NDP Environment Critic and Takhini—Kopper King MLA Kate White. “Why aren’t the Yukon Party government being up-front with Yukoners about what they know about a price on carbon?”

The debate about Yukon’s participation in a Canadian carbon pricing plan follows Pasloski’s involvement in Canada’s delegation to the COP21 conference in Paris in December 2015 as well as his signing of the Vancouver Declaration in March 2016. And as the federal government creates the plan, the Yukon NDP says the Government of Yukon should engage its Canadian counterparts about how to minimize its impact on lower- and middle-income Yukoners while ensuring that revenue funds the renewable energy infrastructure that our territory needs to develop a secure, long-term energy policy.

“Yukon needs to be a partner in the growing renewable energy economy that is creating jobs and harnessing low-cost and secure sources of power,” added White. “The Yukon NDP caucus want an honest and deliberate transition to a post-carbon economy in partnership with the federal and First Nation governments.”

“But until the Yukon Party government show us the evidence, Yukoners won’t be able to have the full public debate on carbon pricing we want to have.”


Photo: wilsonhui / flickr