Statement by NDP leader Liz Hanson regarding the EFLO Yukon spill

Late on Friday night, the Yukon Party government circulated a media advisory regarding a “hydrocarbon spill” at the EFLO Energy site near Watson Lake.

While the government has told Yukoners that the spill has been contained, its disclosures beg more important questions: the Yukon Party government has not revealed the precise time at which this spill became known to them, the estimated time between the rupture of liquid’s container and its discovery, the amount of leakage that occurred, or the type of organic matter that leaked.

At the time of sending this release, the government’s Friday advisory is not available on the Yukon government’s website.
While the Yukon government needs to ensure that Yukoners get the full picture about this incident, it is also a reminder of other ways that Yukoners should be better informed about the state of hazardous materials in the territory. The government’s contaminated sites registry, currently only accessible by calling Environment Yukon, should be made available online for public reference.

The Yukon NDP remains committed to the principle that Yukoners should have full disclosure from the government when a public safety issue such as a “hydrocarbon spill” takes place.