Stephen Harper throws Darrell Pasloski under the bus over Bill S-6

So there was full disclosure when we made those recommendations there’s no surprises and again as I said we actually, you know, we suggested two of those four. The third one was Canada’s as a result of a seeking clarification on the third one and the fourth one was really put forward by the federal government.

Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski, December 4th 2014

 It was the territorial government that wanted these changes.

Stephen Harper, September 4th 2015

By contradicting conservative Yukon Party Premier Darrell Pasloski, Stephen Harper has shown that he is unwilling to risk further damage to his already-strained relationship with Canada’s First Nation governments.

His admission today that they were all suggested by the Yukon Party government shows that the federal Conservatives are prepared to throw the Yukon government under the bus over this unpopular law – and that the Yukon Party government has not been clear about its role in crafting Bill S-6.