Supporting veterans' transition to civilian life

On Monday, November 9 Yukon NDP MLA Jim Tredger asked the following question about making it easier for veterans to efficiently transition military driver's licences and address hunting residency requirements:

Yukon NDP MLA Jim Tredger: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, Remembrance Day is an important annual ceremony to honour and remember the brave men and women who have dedicated so much to our country. Beyond this annual recognition, governments can do practical things to help serving members and veterans transition to civilian life, including employment.

Many Canadian jurisdictions are recognizing the Department of National Defence 404 driver’s licence training and testing requirements as meeting, if not exceeding, standards for commercial vehicle licensing. Mr. Speaker, will the Government of Yukon also recognize military driver qualifications for commercial driving to help veterans find work when they return home?

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’d like to thank the MLA for Porter Creek Centre, as well as the MLA for Kluane, for bringing this to my attention. It is something that I’ve committed to both the members of this House, and I’ll extend that commitment to members opposite, to look into.

I don’t have a definitive answer right now on the floor of the House, but it’s something I’ll get back to not only the members on the government side who brought it to my attention, but also to members opposite.

Mr. Tredger: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. We on this side of the House would encourage the government to support our veterans. Yukon men and women in the military are stationed in many different locations around the world. As a consequence of the requirements of serving, these Yukon men and women may not meet the residency requirements for a Yukon resident’s hunting licence. In recognition of the sacrifice made by people in service, governments can make exemptions.

Will the Government of Yukon ensure that Yukoners who can’t meet residency requirements due to their service in our military are considered for residency exemption in their application for a Yukon resident’s hunting licence?

Minister of the Environment Wade Istchenko: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and I do thank the member opposite for the question. Mr. Speaker, this issue has come up before and I believe we have dealt with it. If there is a new issue that I’m not aware of, I please ask the member opposite to get hold of me and we’ll look into it and see if we can find a solution.


Photo: rbh / flickr. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.