What's in a consultation?

Community tours have been at the core of the Yukon NDP’s outreach work since we were elected as Yukon’s Official Opposition, so it was interesting to see the Yukon premier’s announcement last week of his own community tour to seek out Yukoners’ spring budget feedback.

This tour’s timing is strange: if the Yukon Party were serious about actually including any of what they hear in the 2016 budget, the premier would have been on the road well before now. This year’s budget has been, largely, completed. The government has been announcing elements of it since last fall.

During Yukon NDP tours, we travel to every community in the territory to listen and engage in conversation with anyone who wants to participate. Then we reflect those views in the Yukon legislature. For example, during last year’s Sustainable and Prosperous Communities Tour, we heard an overwhelming desire to revisit the government’s plan to build a centralized, 300-bed continuing care complex in Whitehorse – and we will continue to echo the majority of Yukoners who oppose the Yukon Party’s plan.

So let’s not kid ourselves: the Yukon Party’s community tour is all about selling Yukon Party priorities in an election year – not having meaningful consultations about our territory’s future. Selling you a budget is a very different exercise than actually engaging you in crafting it, and that's the difference. The Yukon NDP has heard from Yukoners that you want to be heard, not just talked at. You can count on the Yukon NDP to take your opinions seriously – whether in opposition now, or in government.