What solar power can do for Yukon

I recently read an article pointing out that on for several hours on Sunday morning, 90% of Germany's electricity was provided through renewable energy sources. At one point, there was so much on the grid that pricing was actually measured in negative kilowatt hours: for several hours, Germany was paying its citizens to consume!

The article points out that "Germany is an unlikely leader in solar" power. Berlin gets less sunlight than Whitehorse! With political will, we can substantially alter the way we power our Yukon.

Here's a concrete example: the Yukon Legislative Assembly building is receiving new siding, and work on the sunlight-rich south side is just finishing. Why didn't we put solar panels on that side of the building? It's an ideal location to provide renewable electricity for the building, and very affordable.

The Yukon Party government chose not to make renewable energy a priority during the re-siding of the legislature, and it's one example of their insistence that Yukon's future lies in fracking and fossil fuels instead of renewable power and a green economy.  A Yukon NDP government would grow our local renewable energy capacity by supporting local contractors and skilled labourers and incorporating renewable energy sources into new government projects.

Jim Tredger is the Yukon NDP MLA for Mayo–Tatchun.


Photo: kelsey97/flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 licence.