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Invest In Active Transportation Infastructure

NEEDED: Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, to clarify driver & pedestrian responsibilities to ensure Pedestrian Safety. There is a shared responsibility between pedestrians and motorists. 1. Expand Definition of...

Expand Insurance Drug Coverage- Include Medical Cannabis DIN

Yukon Government employees drug coverage will not cover medical cannabis, their answer: "there is no DIN". Please help!

What about the seasonal workers that have exshusted their EI...

and do not qualify for the CERB as their jobs are up in the air with YG?

Respect for seniors

My Yukon is a place where our elderly are respected, included, consulted and recognized as a significant core of the valuable fabric of our communities.

A Valued Environment

We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We breath clean air, we can drink out of streams and rivers and we're surrounded by wild spaces....

My Yukon is a place where no women and children...

A greater emphasis on local small businesses and operators

On a per dollar basis, local businesses re-invest far more money into the Yukon's local economy than companies that are not located in Yukon. Far too often Yukon Government invests...

Helping Yukoners meet their housing needs

Leverage local research and expertise to develop -- and implement! -- a comprehensive housing strategy that will address the diverse housing needs of Yukoners.

More transitional housing.

Especially for women leaving WCC.