Yukon Government Dismisses Opposition Input into Electoral Reform Commission

In a recent letter to the Yukon NDP, the Yukon Government dismissed the input of the NDP caucus into the Electoral Reform Commission process.

The Yukon NDP had raised concerns about the scope of the commission’s work, the selection process and the remunerations for commissioners. At no point in process of creating the Electoral Reform Commission did the Yukon Government incorporate any input from the Yukon NDP.

While the Yukon Government has the discretion to create an Electoral Reform Commission as it sees fit, the NDP reminded the Government of its commitment to cooperate with the opposition to include their input in the process over two years ago.

“The Yukon NDP was hopeful that this Government would work cooperatively to incorporate the input of the Yukon’s opposition parties. We have seen nothing that would qualify as cooperation thus far,” said Kate White. “But there is still time to get this right. We believe in this process and hope the Government will come back to the table with a willingness to compromise.”

Throughout the creation of the Electoral Reform Commission the Yukon Government has claimed that they have been cooperating with the opposition. Yet the informal one on one meetings and the total dismissal of any of the Yukon NDP’s input fails to meet the standard of ‘cooperation’ that this Government committed to over two years ago.

“The Yukon NDP believes strongly in the need for electoral reform. We will remain cautiously optimistic about the outcome of the work that the Electoral Reform Commission is undertaking,” said Yukon NDP Leader Kate White.  “We want to make one thing clear, at no point in this process has the Yukon NDP’s input been included. And if this Government says otherwise, they are misleading Yukoners.”