Yukon government follows beat of NDP drum by facilitating armed forces driver's licence transfers

The Yukon NDP Official Opposition is applauding the Yukon Party government for taking steps to facilitate the transfer of Canadian Forces driver’s licences for equivalent Yukon accreditation. The move comes mere months after Yukon NDP MLA for Tahkini—Kopper King Kate White, acting on the advice of Yukon veterans, tabled a motion in the Yukon legislature calling for action.

The issue was brought to the Yukon NDP Official Opposition’s attention by local veterans who were concerned about the steps required to effectively transfer driving privileges following their transition to civilian life. White’s October 27, 2015 motion [link to PDF] asked for easier driver’s licence exchanges by Canadian Armed Forces personnel:

THAT this House urges the Yukon government to follow the example of the Ontario government by making it easier for Canadian military personnel and veterans to exchange the Department of National Defence 404 military driver’s licence for an equivalent Yukon driver’s licence.

“I am over the moon that the Yukon Party government has followed both other jurisdictions and the motion I tabled in October by acknowledging the need to support Yukon veterans,” said White, who has a long track record supporting veterans’ affairs file. “But there’s more work for the government to do to help Yukon’s veterans.”

The Yukon NDP Official Opposition has been a vocal supporter of the need to exclude veterans’ disability pensions from calculations of income when considering housing and social assistance eligibility. And the Yukon government should continue to support Yukoners in the Canadian Armed Forces who are stationed outside of Yukon by allowing them to access resident hunting and fishing licences.

“Yukoners who serve in Canada’s Armed Forces deserve our wholehearted respect and gratitude for their commitment to our country,” added White. “While the Yukon Party government has taken a step forward today, it cannot end with driver’s licences.”