Yukon NDP challenges government to reinstate YuWin Job Board funding

On the heels of the Yukon Party government’s decision to defund the popular YuWin Job Board in favour of a federal jobs website, the Yukon NDP is calling for a review of the important local online employment listing’s funding. Yukon’s lagging economy, a consequence of years of Yukon Party government mismanagement, requires support for resources that connect Yukoners with good jobs.

“The Yukon Party government should not be cutting funding to the most popular job board in Yukon while our economy is so sluggish,” said Yukon NDP Advanced Education Critic Kate White. “Why is the Yukon Party government making it harder to find work by defunding Yukon’s go-to online job board?”

The Yukon NDP caucus has been a strong advocate for investment in YuWin and employment resources that connect Yukoners with good, local jobs. As recently as November, White asked the Yukon Party government to assure Yukoners that YuWin’s future was secure. Minister of Education Doug Graham told White that “if employers aren’t buying into the service… then there’s nothing for these people coming to the website to see.” However, Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce president Rick Karp reacted to news of the cuts by saluting YuWin as a “a very important job board” that receives between 50,000 and 60,000 visits every month.

Yukon’s sluggish economy has been compounded by the Yukon Party government’s insistence that the territory’s economic future lies in non-renewable resource development. However, this morning Capstone Resources, who operate Yukon’s last remaining active mine at Minto, announced that it may begin winding down operations as soon as April. It is clear that the Yukon Party government has no “Plan B” for Yukon’s economy, and cutting the YuWin Job Board is one more clear sign that it’s time for a different economic approach.

Yukon NDP governments have been effective stewards of Yukon’s economy. By creating programs like the popular Community Development Fund and passing legislation like the Economic Development Act, Yukon has been well served by Yukon NDP governments.

“We’ve all used YuWin’s job board, whether to look for a job ourselves or to help a friend. It’s a one-stop shop for both employers and job seekers,” added White, who is also a former small business owner. “The YuWin Job Board is a pillar of Yukon’s employment resources. When will the Yukon Party government get the picture?”