Yukon NDP motion calls for adding trans* rights to Yukon's Human Rights Act

This afternoon, the Yukon Legislative Assembly will debate a Yukon NDP motion to support the explicit human rights of trans* Yukoners. The motion, tabled by Yukon NDP MLA Lois Moorcroft, echoes a petition circulated by members of Yukon’s trans* community.

Moorcroft’s motion urges the Yukon government to advance equal rights for transsexual, transgender and gender-variant people by introducing amendments to explicitly include “gender identity” and “gender expression” under section 7 of the Yukon Human Rights Act as a prohibited grounds for discrimination. It also calls for support of full equality and respect for trans* people who access Yukon government jobs, programs, and services, and the use of public education to fight intolerance, discrimination, and violence against trans* people.

“Gender identity and gender expression should not be barriers to a Yukoner’s full support from the government and the community,” said Moorcroft, who will be speaking to her motion following Question Period. “It’s 2015. Trans* Yukoners deserve the same protection of their human rights as everyone else.”

In responding to the petition on April 30th, Yukon Party Justice Minister Brad Cathers claimed that “based on a review of case law, the Department of Justice and the Yukon government believe that those protections currently exist.” Trans* Yukoners, however, have spoken out over challenges completing day-to-day interactions with the government. While the minister seems content to let a future government consider the importance of trans* rights, he fails to recognize that these rights are being infringed upon today. Other Canadian provinces have extended explicit protection under the law to trans* residents – and it is time for Yukon to join them.

“In light of the Yukon Party’s belief that it is important to support trans* rights in Yukon, we look forward to the government’s support for this common-sense motion,” added Moorcroft. “Human rights are a universal prerogative – all Yukoners should be able to count on protection from discrimination under Yukon’s Human Rights Act.”


For more information, please contact:

Mike Fancie, Yukon NDP Official Opposition
867-689-4866 or mike.fancie [at] yla.gov.yk.ca