Yukon NDP Welcomes Signing of the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan

The Yukon NDP is pleased to see after years of hard work by First Nation governments, environmental groups and many Yukoners, the signing ceremony and celebration of the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan will happen take place this weekend.

Yukon NDP Leader Kate White is proud that the Yukon NDP consistently supported the final recommended plan since it was first presented to Yukoners. White remembers being invited to Cache Creek on the Dempster Highway to listen to elders from Yukon and NWT speak of the need to protect this sacred watershed.

“I salute the many people who over time came to understand that how government responded to this planning process, was at its core – all about democracy. 

I had the great privilege to spend time hiking and canoeing in this beautiful place a few years ago. It was a trip of a lifetime for me, and reinforced the necessity of protecting this piece of wilderness.

I am so proud of all the people, First Nation Governments and environmental groups who signed petitions, who came out to rallies and continued to raise their voices to urge the government to respect the process set out in the negotiated land claim agreements. A special thanks to Jimmy Johnny, the voice of the Peel. This truly is a time to celebrate, and I am sorry to have to miss it.

With the signing of this land use plan, the Yukon NDP will continue to press for the completion of all remaining Yukon Regional Land Use Plans.”

Both White and Hanson will be out of territory attending a Public Accounts conference and regretfully will not be able to attend this momentous event.