A more equal Yukon

Fluctuating commodity prices have shown us that the resource industry at the core of Yukon cannot be enough to sustain our long-term growth and prosperity. Our success depends on diversifying our small economy -- and ensuring that more people actually benefit from outcome.

Too many Yukoners are still looking for affordable housing or have jobs that pay little more than a minimum wage -- and as income inequality grows in Yukon, we all suffer.

The Yukon NDP caucus supports:

  • implementing an aggressive economic strategy, linked to a strong community and social strategy, that strengthens our local economies, creates opportunities for Yukon-based businesses and seeks out opportunities for diversification

  • recognizing First Nations and their development corporations as an integral part of the Yukon economy

  • working together on strategic economic initiatives and on socio-economic issues such as affordable housing and poverty reduction

Will you sign?